You Girty Dog Grooming Set



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A complete grooming set, including shaving kit bag, comb, and YOU DIRTY DOG mens's grooming products.

Start every day fresh with a set of three products from the YOU DIRTY DOG line of premium men's grooming products, including:

  • You Dirty Dog Face Wash
  • You Dirty Dog Shave Cream
  • You Dirty Dog Aftershave Moisturizer

Comes with a small navy shaving kit bag, YOU DIRTY DOG comb, and ever-so-helpful operating instructions, with suggested application doses for the perfect shave and tips for getting your day started on the right foot.


  • You Dirty Dog Face Wash, 5oz
  • You Dirty Dog Shave Cream, 5oz
  • You Dirty Dog Aftershave Moisturizer, 4oz