Raw Whipped Honey (350g)



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Floral, smooth, balanced, not too sweet and spreadable local Ontario 100% Raw Clover Honey.

Buy local and support your local economy and making our farm and small scale agriculture a viable option. local raw honey contains the pollens and nectars that are closest to you. Which helps with combating seasonal allergies. When you buy local honey from a beekeeper you can trace the source, which means you're actually getting honey, and you're not getting fake honey which has been blended from foreign sources.

Whipped to a creamy and spreadable consistency… raw, pure—and totally delicious.Try it with your favourite bread or biscuits.

Flavour, colour and consistency will vary from season-to-season reflecting the unique and changing characteristics of the landscape.

  • 100% Raw Clover Honey
  • Made in Ontario


  • 350g