Sumava Costa Rica Coffee (340g)


$16.00 USD

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Having just returned from a well-overdue visit to Sumava de Lourdes, we can tell you this is the first of many exciting things to come from Direct Trade partner, Francisco Mena. But what an incredible start!

Like all Sumava coffees, exquisite processing skills take this Caturra lot to the next level. Black honey has become somewhat of a signature processing method for Francisco. By only depulping the cherries and keeping the mucilage intact, this coffee has developed striking caramel sweetness, nice acidity and a delicate mouthfeel.

Sumava de Lourdes is an immaculate and well-organized farm in Costa Rica’s West Valley. More specifically, Naranjo de Lourdes. It’s a prestigious growing region; it’s an award-winning producer and it may just be your next favourite coffee.