Peep Toe Low Clog (Black)


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This style fits a mid wide or wide foot.

  • The heel height is 4,7 cm high (1.85 inches).
  • Lime-tree wooden heel with rubber sole.
  • Italian natural grain leather, chrome free.
  • The coloured leather might rub off on other light stuff and can loose colour if it is scratched.
  • The colour on the painted wooden sole and the rubber sole will naturally wear off over time.
  • The natural grain leather may have marks and can vary in colour and thickness.
  • The coloured leather does not need to be treated with oil, since it is treated with colour.
  • The nubuck leather can be treated with a nubuck spray.


  • Different types of soles can vary in length. Please stand on a tape-measure and use the size chart.
  • Please note that the shape of your feet may have an impact on the fit.
  • The leather can be hard in the beginning, due to the chrome free leather. So, the clogs can feel narrow at first. However, it will soften and stretch with wear.
  • If the leather overlaps, it can provide a squeaking sound, which will fade once the leather has softened.