Organic Vegetarian Chili Beans

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These organic vegetarian chili beans are an easy, healthy vegetarian dish you can whip up in minutes or add to your favorite recipes. Whole, cooked pinto beans, are simmered in tomato paste and then lightly seasoned with chili pepper, garlic and a select blend of spices. Make a hearty breakfast of huevos rancheros or simmer with poached eggs and  whole peeled tomatoes for Mexican inspired shakshuka.

  • What’s in it: organic pinto beans, organic tomato paste, water, sea salt, organic chili powder blend.
  • What’s not in it: additives, GMOs, oils or fillers.
  • It’s all good: This product is certified organic, vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free.
  • Made in Wisconsin.


    • 15.5 oz