Mini Candle Set: 01, 02, 03


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This mini candle Set is made of all 3 Bon Parfumeur candles in mini 60g size. Bon Parfumeur mini candles set is the perfect choice to discover Bon Parfumeur new candle fragrances or to spoil someone special.

Discover the 3 different mood behind Bon Parfumeur candles.

The 01 will add a sunny touch to your home with warm notes of fig and mint, reminding you of beautiful days in the mediterranean see. For a lazy afternoon our candle 03 will become your best friend and transform your atmosphere with its leathery notes. When the sun sets blond tobacco and honey notes of the candle 02 will light up your evening.

Bon Parfumeur candles have been designed to fit your interior in any circumstances.

The mini candle set include the following Bon Parfumeur candles:

01: basil, fig, leaf mint

02: coriander seed, honey, tobacco leaf

03: patchouli, leather, Tonka bean

  • Perfumer: Karine Dubreuil-Sereni
  • Each candle can burn up to 18 hours


  • Size: 3x 70g