Massage Ball Trio (Natural Cork)



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The Natural Cork Massage Ball Trio contains three smooth and firm cork massage balls. Powerful self-healing tools, massage balls enhance joint movement, relieve tension, increase circulation, and calm your nervous system. Lean into a wall, chair, or floor to create just the right pressure. Experiment with the two unique sizes (1 small + 2 medium) to find the exact pressure you're looking for or roll the matching massage balls on either side of your spine for balanced release.

    • Provides firm pressure
    • Releases tight muscles
    • Two size offerings (1 small ball + 2 medium balls)
    • Improves circulation and mobility
    • Use one or two at a time
    • Natural cork material
    • Includes two 75mm (3 in) massage balls and one 50mm (2 in) ball
    • 100% natural cork - a renewable resource