Idyllwild Incense



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Cedarwood, Sage, Vetiver, Citrus

Smells Like

Dry, earthy, herbal desert sagebrush and cedar forest.

Norden: Standing tall about the desert valley below is the mighty San Jacinto range. A sandy, harsh landscape of rocks, joshua trees and sagebrush leads up to the base of the mountains. At the top, grassy fields give way to pine and cedar forests. This area holds a really special place in our hearts, and we’re glad to share this fragrance with everyone. Dry, woody notes of Texas cedarwood mix with herbal sage, earthy vetiver, and a bright citrus finish.

  • Made With All Natural Essential Oils
  • Approximate 45 Minute Burn Time Per Stick
  • Handmade and Packed in California


  • 20 Sticks