Eat Pretty Every Day


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By Jolene Hart

This incredibly info-packed volume offers hundreds of beautifying ideas for you to incorporate into your life—one for each day of the year. The message: do one thing every day to make yourself glow, as the book challenges you! Inside you'll find more than a simple page-a-day book. Eat Pretty Every Day is organized seasonally, so the ideas you read will more closely match the spirit, intentions, and your personal beauty needs of that season.

  • Beautifying recipes for each season
  • Tips and tricks to make the most of your kitchen time
  • Self-care and mindfulness practices that strongly influence beauty
  • Even more beauty food profiles that expand on Eat Pretty
  • Mantras to bring mindfulness to mealtime
  • Physical activities
  • Weekly beauty challenges
  • Hands-on projects
  • Ideal beauty food pairings
  • A close look at some of the important scientific evidence supporting beauty nutrition
  • So many inspiring ideas—one for every day of every season!