Denni Ear Cuffs (Gold)



# available


A set of x-small and small round and adjustable ear cuffs. Meant to be worn together or apart, they hug the ear while an attached teardrop drifts below. Finished in high-polish gold. Please note: these pieces will feel a tad stiff before you wear them. Give them a good tug to expand, then gently squeeze to create a custom fit around your ear.

  • 14K gold-dipped brass
  • finish: high-polish


  • earring length (bigger cuff): 0.78" / 2cm
  • earring length (smaller cuff): 0.62 / 1.6cm
  • earring width (bigger cuff): 0.74" / 1.9cm
  • earring width (smaller cuff): 0.59" / 1.5cm
  • earring depth: 0.12"/ 0.33cm
  • weight (bigger cuff): 0.67oz / 1.9g
  • weight (smaller cuff): 0.044oz / 1.26g