Catalan de Las Mercedes NATURAL - Guatemala - 340g

Pilot Coffee Roasters


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The holidays are a time to reflect on the things you love with the ones you love. This seasonal blend celebrates favourite festive flavours with favourite coffees, together in perfect harmony. Holiday includes components from Costa Rica, Guatemala and Ethiopia. To make things extra festive, Pilot Coffee Roasters reserved some of our Ana Sora lot - an undisputed fan favourite - to include in the blend. The result is a beautifully sweet, balanced cup with notes of chocolate, candied orange peel and a creamy mouthfeel.

  • COFFEE: Blend
  • STYLE: Adventurous
  • TASTING NOTES: Baker's Chocolate
  • TASTING NOTES: Candied Orange Peel
  • TASTING NOTES: Creamy Body
  • COUNTRY: Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala