Bel Paese Fish Tea Towel



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As light as the tissue paper that was once used to wrap oranges.

Artwork by Sam Baron narrate our past with the sweetest nostalgia.

The collection, the result of creative collaboration between the French designer and Bitossi Home, takes the opportunity to give back to the collective memory the most discrete, whispered graphics, an elegant game to turn a minor work into a small artistic masterpiece.

Fish, horses, birds, flowers and colourful fruits emerge from a delicate background mesh that evokes the lightness of tissue paper. The geometry is there, but it is softened by an impalpable patina of time that leads back to an almost childlike past.

A large contemporary pantry to draw on to create beautiful tables, but above all in harmony with those who live them. Attentive to the design and evolution of being together, Bitossi Home, publisher of the Tuscan table, offers a new language that invites sharing and contamination of forms, styles, textures, breaking the mold, but keeping alive the link with the past, which emerges in the collections as a slight retro accent.

  • Cotton 100%
  • Machine washable Max 60°


  • 50X70 cm