Arlo Puff Earrings (Silver)



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Get the wow without the weight. These bouyant, sculptural earrings make a major statement without feeling heavy. When designing these, Jenny envisioned a chunky earring inflated with a 'puff' of air. They open and close with a hinge, so you’ll never have to search for an earring back again. Pull back hinge gently to open. Push to lock into backing and listen for a "click" to ensure it's locked properly. Finished in high-polish silver.

  • Silver-dipped brass
  • Finish: high polish
  • No physical separate backing

Product Measurements

  • Length: 0.68" / 17.4mm
  • Width: 0.67" / 17.2mm
  • Depth: 0.49" / 12.5mm
  • Weight: 0.17oz / 5.09g