Santa Maria Pacamara Coffee (340g)

Pilot Coffee Roasters

$17.00 USD

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“Fruit explosion” would adequately describe this multi sensory experience with Santa Maria. A natural Pacamara, grown in the tropical hills of Ahuachapan, produced by the acclaimed Pacas family, there’s many reasons why this coffee turned out to be so unapologetically unique.

Starting with varietal, the Pacamara is a hybrid designed to capture the best characteristics of the Maragogipe and Pacas (named after, you guessed it, the Pacas family). Pacamara is celebrated for its complexity and uncommon flavour profile.

Once the cherries achieve optimal ripeness, they’re hand-picked, left unpulped, and slowly and carefully dried until reaching 12% humidity. The skillful execution of natural processing has imparted a layer of fruity sweetness to an already vibrant varietal.

Finca Santa Maria is beautiful inside and out, with deep red soil, geysers and tropical flowers. The farmland is tended to as if it were a garden, paying close attention to every detail; par for the course for any Pacas family operation.

Similar to Ana Sora or La Espereranza, this coffee makes a statement. It revels in its distinction, but we encourage even more conventional coffee lovers to explore this one for themselves.

  • COFFEE:Single Origin
  • ROAST:Medium
  • TASTING NOTES:PineappleToffeeVelvety
  • PRODUCER:Pacas Family
  • COUNTRY:El Salvador
  • REGION:Ahuachapan
  • VARIETAL:Pacamara
  • PROCESS:Natural
  • ALTITUDE:1100m