Coriander Perfume (50mL)

D.S. & Durga

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Sparkling leaf, cubeb, green pepper, & cracked Ukrainian coriander seed. Cool spices & Black Sea breeze – like the hills above Odessa.

TOP NOTES: russian coriander, pepper, juniper needle

HEART NOTES: geranium, clove stem, clary sage

BASE NOTES: musk, magnolia, mace

LINER NOTES: Coriander is cool. It is a spice, but it is cool. When we think of spices, we think of warmth: nutmeg, ginger, clove, cinnamon. We picture roaring fires, winter warmth, or the tropical climes where these plants grow. Of course with some perfume wizardry you can turn these on their heads. But coriander is already cool. It is fresh, green, pungent, and evocative of the grass, the expanse of fields, the sweeping sea. Our coriander scent builds upon these qualities. It is the coriander from the hills above Odessa on the Black Sea. Tall stocks holding celadon grooved seeds looking down at ships at port.


  • 50 mL