Hey Neighbours!

With Father's Day on the horizon I'd like to share some of the great items that we have hunted down for dad so you don't have to:

1. Father's Day Shave Set - Harry's

Harry's Father's Day Shave Set

One of my all-time favorite brands - amazingly designed and disruptively marketed. I like all things disruptive, practical, and extremely economical and this set fits the bill. Believe it or not, I found out about Harry's from a neighbour five years ago when my family and I had to buckle down on our expenses without sacrificing our love for good style and great function! I have been shaving with Harry's ever since and have never looked back.

2. Beer And How To Enjoy It - Owen & Fred

Owen and Fred Beer and How To Enjoy It

Everything O&F does is done with a slight dose of tongue and cheek, but always with great style and longevity in mind! All designed and made in the US.

3. Tablet Briefcase - Filson

Filson Tablet Briefcase

Two words... "Lifetime Guarantee".  I am so humbled and and honored to have this brand available to our customers. It stands for everything we stand for... reputation, honesty, quality and durability!

I take mine everywhere. No matter how much I rough it up, this bag doesn't even show any signs of wearing! 

4. Woven Elastic Belt - Anderson's

Anderson's Woven Elastic Belt

I purchased my very first Anderson's belt over 8 years ago at a shop in Milan, Italy and I still wear it... no holes, no rips, not even stretch marks! This family business has been around for the past 50 years and besides their incredible belts I love their motto: "The family business is important... it means values and shared mission!"

5. Essentials Kit - Urban Beard

Urban Beard Essentials Kit

I don't sport a beard but if I did I wouldn't trust any other brand than Urban Beard. If you met our friend Chris (the founder) you would instantly fall in love with UB too... a true Leslieviller, humble, dedicated, and has the best beard around. He only produces this stuff is small batches - 100% organic and natural ingredients.


Hope we can help you find something your dad will love! Click here to jump over to our Father's Day 2017 collection.